Welcome to our new issue

Welcome back to Carolina Grace and our Lenten issue, “Wilderness 2015.”

"Wilderness," a painting by Andy Brack

“Wilderness,” a painting by Andy Brack.  It is on the cover of the new issue of “Carolina Grace.”

Lent is the season of the church year when we, like Jesus, enter the wilderness, or desert—a period and place of disorientation and perhaps even danger—a place where wild beasts roam, yet a place where angels, the messengers of God, are also present. In Mark’s account of our Lord being driven by the Spirit into the wilderness, we discover that the angels minister to him. Angels, God’s own messengers, are with Jesus and provide for him in that place of utter aloneness.

The wilderness can be a place of struggle, but it can also be a place of rebirth and reorientation.

It is our hope that you find yourself renewed as you make your way with others who find themselves journeying through the wilderness.

Peace and Hope,

Calhoun Walpole, Editor, Grace Episcopal Church, and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina