Lowcountry marshes

Photo by Barbara Dotterer

Photo by Barbara Dotterer

A great swath — neither land nor liquid – defines
The Lowcountry as it abuts the sea

Two-sided Cordgrass of misery and mirth
Rice fields, sun, and the Gullah hush

Marshes at dawn, marshes at moonlight
Ebbing tides and endless skies

Soaring egrets, snaking creeks
A tidy network that creatures seek

The smell of pluff mud, rotting detritus
The taste of oysters—salty and pure

Popping sounds that break the silence
Muffled by a distant thunder

Ethereal and earthy, mysterious, familiar
Living , breathing, lapping gently

Place of wonder, place of peace
Forgiving, loving, God’s own grace

— Frances Boyd, Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston, S.C.