The ninth inning


I’m in the ninth inning.
But still get excited when I discover good books.
I still enjoy being in the company of my wife.
When I visit old friends there is one caveat.
Never speak more than three sentences
If the subject of medical news comes up.
I fib a lot if I’m asked how I am doing.
I don’t give advice anymore.
I know that my values and opinions are outdated.
I still believe in duty, honor and country.
One benefit of getting older;
It’s not important to change someone’s mind.
I have long given up on the hope of impressing others
And I’m not selling anything anymore.
I get great pleasure seeing things in the rear view mirror.
Where I can enjoy wonderful memories
Of old friends and family members
Who are long departed.

— Gary McGee, Grace Church Cathedral , Charleston, S.C.