A Hymn Offered for the Celebration and Dedication of Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston, April 10, 2016


Grace descends on God’s beloved,
Never failing, now we sing.
Living out our pilgrim calling,
Walking with our wounded King.
Gather now your faithful people,
Mold us in your love shaped grasp.
Lead our steps with holy longing,
As we’ve known in ages past.

New found callings, Christ’s assurance,
Ever living, still he saves.
Changing lives through changing waters,
Tides that flow refreshing waves.
Bless us here at this beginning,
Bathe us from your soothing depths.
Lead us to your promised purpose,
Springing from your mighty crests.

On this day of dedication
Lift us as your Spirit soars,
To the place of holy living
Where your call to justice roars.
May we serve as we encounter
Your great care in sacred sign,
In this place of peace and calling,
Grace amazing, love divine.

Tune: Hyfrydol

— The Rev. Michael A. Wright , Grace Church Cathedral, Charleston.S.C.