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Carolina Grace: Gold for the Soul continues to evolve as a journal of writings by Episcopalians in South Carolina.

We invite you to write for us and share your faith; such expressions will surely serve as a source of strength and encouragement to fellow pilgrims on the way.

During a recent September, I attended the wedding of a clergy friend in the Dominican Republic. While packing my suitcase for the trip, I remembered that we were in hurricane season, there as well as here. Like many of you, I am personally well-acquainted with the extensive preparations we make when it appears a storm is headed our way.

I found myself smiling as I unemphatically tossed a flashlight and a candle into my suitcase – my sole preparation for a storm that never was – for the light was all that was necessary. The light is all we need – our Savior and Redeemer – no matter the many storms in which we may happen to find ourselves.

Blessings to you,

The Rev. Callie Walpole, editor