cover_wildernessCarolina Grace is published on an occasional basis by Episcopalians in the Episcopal Church in South Carolina.

Editor:  Calhoun Walpole

Managing editor:  Tom Tisdale

Publication editors:  Amy McCandless and Cassandra Foster

Associate editor:  Patricia Ward

Editorial committee:  Michael Hurley, Dan Lesesne, Erica Lesesne, Amey Lewis, Harriet McDougal, Dow Sanderson

Acquisitions:  Phyllis Jestice

Advisory Committee: William Baldwin, Robert Ball, Dorothy Carter, James Dannals, Hillery Douglas, Daniel Ennis, Ben Fanning, Mary Ann Foy, Scott Howell, James Gault, Helen Gibbs, Betsy Geer, Emily Guess, Kendra Hamilton, LaClaire laffitte, Richard Lovelace, Eve Pinckney, Marilyn Roper, Cleveland Sellers, Gretchen Smith, Will Suggs, Amy Webb, Katie Weinberger, James Yarsiah, Sarah Moise Young.

Publisher:  Andy Brack.


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