What Lent means to me


As a young girl, Lent to me was known as a time to give up something, which for any young child can be hard to do because we don’t fully understand the true meaning of Lent and why it is a time for preparation, reflection, and renewal.

I can always remember my parents and grandparents encouraging me to give up some something I loved, which for me that translated into candy, junk food, soda, my Nintendo DS, and less time on the computer and watching TV. Continue reading



1. Language learning experts claim that the “ability to tolerate ambiguity” is an important personality trait for individuals learning another language. I find that tolerance of ambiguity is helpful in my Christian journey as well.

Just as a language learner does not need to understand every single word in foreign language to get the general idea, so a Christian seeking to deepen his or her faith does not need to understand every single verse in the original Hebrew or Greek to move closer to God. Continue reading