Editor’s note, Fall 2014

From Pilgrimage 2014

“I’ll fear not what men say
I’ll labour night and day
To be a pilgrim”

— Percy Dearmer, after John Bunyan

Welcome to Carolina Grace and our newest issue on  the  theme  of Pilgrimage!

This past May 14, members of Grace Church and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina walked the very last leg of the ancient pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. The full journey begins in the Pyrenees and covers roughly 500 miles. Your South Carolina pilgrims tasted the Camino by walking 70 miles.

The pages herein contain reflections from several who made their pilgrimage to Santiago but also many  other reflections on the broader theme of life as pilgrimage. To be a citizen of earth is to be a pilgrim. To be a member of Christ’s Church is to be a member of a pilgrim society, a society that is always on the move and growing through change and challenge and adversity.
The very moment we leave the womb, we step out into the world and onto the road of life on earth. The invitation ever before each of us is to live life to the fullest, and not merely exist. The invitation is always to thrive, and not merely survive—to flourish in the lushness of life and relish the journey, no matter how arduous or uncertain it may be at times.

Pilgrims step into—and not around, walking through—and not over—each step along the way. Pilgrims view life as an adventure to be lived, and not merely endured. Pilgrims also learn very quickly that none of us journeys alone. We journey together with one another—and we are carried along the way by the very hands of God. It is such a pleasure to journey with each one of you.

We invite you to write for us in a future issue; it is our hope that through these pages you find your spirit moved and your faith enhanced.

Peace and Hope,
Calhoun Walpole, Editor
Grace Church, Charleston and The Episcopal Church in South Carolina