Elegy for friend


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In Memoriam, Donald Wayne Henry
April 28, 1939 – April 10, 2015

One lone sentry. Set apart to bid watch.
The others loft and spring, a-cackle up and down the railing.
Plaintive laughter “I want! I want!” “Mine!” “Mine!”
The tide low and still, the gulls search impatiently, frantically.
Laughing, laughing, maws agape.
Life ebbs from the rock salt tomb back to where it came from. Continue reading



There is a silence far more powerful than all the confusion and noise and clamoring and clanking of the gates of the Hell we often experience here. It is the inner silence–the silence of the soul–that transcends conflicted thought and emotion, conflict in the world, conflict and strife and terror and abuse and violence and hatred and lust–all things over which my soul can become unsettled. Continue reading