On the ground


April 4th 1968
Martin Luther King Jr. stands on the balcony
of his hotel room in Memphis his hands resting
on the thin black guard rail, deep in thought
about how the world is changing, about how
he’s flipping the b in black
to form the p in power,
how those words
black and power
are becoming synonymous
one letter, one march at a time. Continue reading

Father forgive


On the night of November 14, 1940, more than 500 German bombers struck the British city of Coventry. Wave after wave of bombers set the city ablaze in an attack lasting all night. Thousands of homes were destroyed and more than 500 people died. The incendiary bombs set fire to St. Michael’s Cathedral in the city center. After the fire went out, only the charred walls of the cathedral stood, a monument to the devastation and horror of total war. Continue reading

Fresh strawberries


Wilderness. A place of desolation, where the traveler gropes in the darkness—thirsty, weary, despairing. Tolkien describes Sam and Frodo’s trek in their wilderness, the dry and barren land of Mordor, with these words: “The night seemed endless and timeless, minute after minute falling dead and adding up to no passing hour, bringing no change.” Continue reading



There is a silence far more powerful than all the confusion and noise and clamoring and clanking of the gates of the Hell we often experience here. It is the inner silence–the silence of the soul–that transcends conflicted thought and emotion, conflict in the world, conflict and strife and terror and abuse and violence and hatred and lust–all things over which my soul can become unsettled. Continue reading